Family train together!

Anna Chapman's story!

Our family signed up for boot camp at the beginning of Term 3, 2019.  We are a family of four – Myself (Anna), my husband Jeremy and our 2 teenage boys Isaac 17 and Ethan 14.

We own our own business and struggle to make time for regular exercise.  We had been looking for something to keep us accountable and improve this area of our lives. 

We signed up for bootcamp to improve fitness and body composition and to improve our everyday living.  My husband and I signed up for the 'Extra Accountability' option which included weekly weigh ins, food diaries and overall body measurements, while our two sons were both on concession cards, giving them the flexibility to come when they can. 

As a family we have all enjoyed the close-knit environment at the 6pm sessions where everyone includes, supports and motivates each other to succeed.  There is a range of fitness abilities and they are all catered for.  With a family of different fitness levels and strengths; Bootcamp has provided a challenging opportunity for each level regardless of ability, age or injury. 

While we have all seen a huge improvement in our individual fitness levels, it has also created an outlet for healthy competition and an opportunity to support each other and spend time together as a family.  There is always someone to motivate the rest of the group to go, that has meant that we rarely missed a session.

We have all appreciated the variety - no session has been the same.  Kaz offers personalised support while still working with the whole group.  She sets us up for success and supports us through each session.  Like everything, you get out what you put in.  We committed to the programme and we have reaped the rewards!

So far we have completed 2 rounds of Bootcamp and so far, Jeremy has lost a total of 20kgs’ and still counting.  The hardest part is turning up – Kaz will magic up the rest!!


Ethan, Jeremy, Isaac Before Boot Camp            Ethan, Jeremy, Issac After Boot Camp                 

As a family we are so much more productive with our time off, we are all looking and feeling fitter and healthier.  We are so much better equipped to cope with the pressure from work and school and the ability to work through difficult situations as the Bootcamp has provided a much-needed outlet to deal with the mental pressures of life. 

If you live in the Selwyn area and want to be part of a Boot Camp that acheives signifcant results in a positive, fun, and challenging environment, then for more information click here!

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