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There is nothing I love more than educating and inspiring people to improve their health and wellbeing. Here is what some of our clients have to say about our Services.   

Sue Jackson

Principal / West Melton School

I have had the pleasure of knowing Karen since 2014.  Karen has worked with my staff as part of our professional development days creating challenging and innovative activities promoting team building with over thirty staff of men and women of all shapes, sizes and physical capability! Comments and feedback from staff were positive, including a fun day and would love to do it again! 

They enjoyed the challenges and the opportunities to build trust and relationships with colleagues in a fun, safe outdoor environment.  Karen has a strong sense of wanting to improve the overall well being and health of those who have the privilege of engaging with her. She does this by empowering and working alongside her clients using varied and tailor made programmes to suit individual and different capabilities and needs. 

She is passionate and driven, with high standards for herself and her clients. She empowers and encourages others to be the best they can be. She is honest and open, easy to communicate with, responsive, caring, and empathetic.  I would encourage you to engage with Karen, as she is a breath of fresh air with her positive and down to earth attitude which is so refreshing! 

I have no hesitation in recommending Karen for any team building opportunity to grow relationships with an inspirational trainer!  I am more than happy to be contacted further if necessary. 

Lisa Harrison

Warrant Officer Class Two / Linton Regional Physical Training Advisor

The New Zealand Army Physical Training Corps (NZAPTC) celebrated its 31st birthday on the 1st June 2018. To honour the occasion, a formal dinner was conducted in Linton Military Camp. I edified this occasion by inviting Ex-serving Physical Training Instructor Karen Hulston as a guest speaker.

Karen was the first female Physical Training Instructor in the NZ Army, paving the way for woman in what was then a male dominated environment. This pioneering spirit and the challenges she faced, not only in the Military, but as she transitioned into her civilian life as a successful business woman, was a focal point of her presentation. It was a privilege and excellent opportunity to learn from her experience, humanity and passion for health and wellness, in particular, for the emerging leaders in the Corps. 

Her delivery was witty and she spoke of her real life stories which gave great appeal. Karen possesses the ability to capture attention in a natural way which is important in translating a positive health message. Comments received from the attendees; agreed that they loved her presentation and enjoyed the content with which she spoke. Content such as the management and leadership skills, personal and professional development opportunities and the close friendships and comrades she gained in the NZ Army. These acquired and learnt knowledge, skills and attitude are the reasons Karen is such a successful goal driven business owner today.

Karen’s experiences gained in the military have helped shape her to enhance her proven work ethic, and as the empowered female role model she is known for. Karen radiates vigour, energy and embodies a specific interest in improving the lives of those she impacts.

This benevolent manner sets her apart, and it is this strength, that will assist you with your health and wellbeing journey!



John Small

Director / Business Advisory Services

Karen’s team building sessions provide an environment where everyone needs to communicate and work together to achieve a common goal. They can be adapted to any fitness level and ensure that all participants are pushing themselves physically while improving their team work skills.

I have been training with Karen for over five years and can honestly say the variety in her sessions is something to behold! No two sessions are ever the same and that is what makes it so rewarding.

For people who like new challenges, the team building sessions are ideal. Karen’s straight talking, fair but no bull attitude keeps participants accountable towards achieving results. In a corporate environment these team building sessions would increase camaraderie, motivation and overall individual health and well-being.   If anyone can get your team motivated and firing on all cylinders, I believe Karen can!

Lisa Tenekoon

Event Organiser

Karen Hulston was a presenter at the Young Rider Camp 2017. The camp is run by Equestrian Sports New Zealand. The top young riders from the South Island are chosen to attend.
Karen was asked to discuss Athlete Nutrition and the importance of maintaining a correct diet and exercise regime. Karen’s  presentation was very well received by the athletes. The presentation was interactive which maintained the interest of the groups and highlighted the need to be fit and healthy in this demanding sport.
I highly recommend Karen as a presenter in a group environment she really has the knack of engaging her audience, and of course has a wealth of knowledge and experience second to none.

Chris Fifield

Senior's Coach / West Melton Rugby Football Club

Over the last three seasons Karen has been training our West Melton Senior Rugby Club players for pre-season training.

We have found her 6-8 week pre-season programme hugely beneficial to get the players into a good state of fitness ready for the start of the season.

Karen's depth of knowledge is demonstrated through her ability to tailorise a programme suited to varying degrees of physical condition, and over time more of our players have opted into her programme due to the results they have seen amongst their teammates.

Sara Paris

General Manager Human Resources / McConnell Dowell NZ & Pacific Islands

I have attended Karen’s team building sessions for over 3 years now, and during these sessions I have made some amazing friends. There is nothing more satisfying than heading along with my fitness buddies and smashing out a session. The comradery and competition is fun and quite contagious!  You build such a great bond with your team mates that you feel motivated to turn up and give it your best every time. My fitness has increased and I have stretched my goals beyond my own expectations!  The results speak for themselves.

Letitia Drury

Professional Services Consultant

Doing Karen's sessions has honestly been one of the best decisions I’ve made! It has been such a fun time getting fitter, stronger and more confident in a safe and supportive environment.  With so many different fitness levels and people with different goals, Karen’s sessions are always well thought out allowing everyone to get maximum benefit. 
The team building sessions are the best – fun, challenging and never the same.  Working as a team means you support each other, push each other and together achieve way more than if you were doing the same thing on your own – yes it can be hard, but you do feel good for it at the end.  You also learn pretty quickly it’s not just about being the fastest or strongest that gets you through – mental toughness, grit and good listening skills, are equally important!


Sheryl Plew


"I have 3 kids, a husband who works shifts and somehow also manage to hold down a 30 hour a week job. Up until 10 weeks ago, I used this as a pretty effective excuse for avoiding making health and fitness a priority! After a while though, I began to realise that I had to face the fact that if I did not sort myself out and get myself into better habits, I would have a steady decline into a sedentary old age where I couldn’t live my life how I wanted to. 

After the first couple of weeks doing the 10 week Challenge, I was hooked. The weekly physical sessions became something I looked forward to, not only for the exercise itself but also for the camaraderie that developed amongst all of us as a group. 

Not only has my health and fitness improved as a result of the programme but also my general mood and how I feel about myself. I love the feeling of being stronger, and I don’t mind my clothes being a wee bit looser either! 
If you are a person with a degree qualification in procrastination, then this is the course for you. Even if all you do is commit to turning up every week and giving it your best, you will still improve beyond your expectation just like me, because Karen’s programme is well organised and it gets measurable results. Absolutely no doubt about it. "

Mary Watson

Retired Farmer / NZ Rural Women

Recently Karen was invited to speak at our Meeting.  Karen gave a most inspiring talk about the challenges she faced to become a fitness trainer, how her life changed when she had her family and also how she came back to teaching others how to become healthy. She showed this through her hollistic approach to health, through healthy eating and fitness.  Even speaking to an older group of women she passed on knowledge and explained that it doesn't matter what age you are, there are still many simple ways to exercise and keep muscle at any time in your life.  I would recommend Karen to any group for her inspiration and life experiences, it was truly beneficial and motivating.


Kristyn Banks

Owner / Red Raspberry Boutique

Having recently completed the 10 week Challenge, I can testify just how easy the course makes it to fit high intensity exercise into my daily routine. I enjoy the accountability of group training once a week, as well as the comradery of working as a team. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to add more movement into their daily lives and who want to see significant health changes.

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