Hear what other Boot Campers have to say ...

There is nothing I love more than seeing peoples' transformation as they progress through Boot Camp.  Here is what some of my regular Boot Campers say about my training programmes.  

Ross and Terri

Ross and Terri are a couple in their mid 50s, with a large family. They have a far superior fitness level to many of my younger clients. Terri holds the Boot Camp plank record of 8 minutes 35 seconds, while Ross holds the Boot Camp record for the 1.2km run, with a time of 4 minutes 17 seconds.



Nicky started her health and fitness journey with me in 2014, and lost around 35kg. She has managed to keep the weight off ever since, and is now involved in the health and fitness industry as a Group Fitness Trainer. She has also become a keen endurance/marathon runner.



Richard is a teacher, and father of young children, who lost 24kg on my 10-week winter boot camp in July 2017. He dropped 18.2% body fat, gained 4.6% muscle, increased his strength by over 100%, and had a huge cardio improvement on my programme. Richard has totally transformed his life and has been training for the Coast to Coast.



Clare is a busy mum of young children, who managed to lose some initial weight on her own. She came to me after her weight loss plateaued. In less than 10 weeks she lost 10kgs and reached her goal weight, gaining muscle and reducing a huge amount of body fat.


Nicola and Angela

Nicola and Angela are best friends who started Boot Camp together as Beginners. After one Boot camp programme, they both lost over 10kgs each. Training together was great for their accountability and it kept them motivated. They still socialised and their diet wasn’t perfect, but they managed to reach an even balance between having fun and still getting results.


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