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We love Boot Camp, watch our video to see why!


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We have classes that are suitable for all fitness levels!

We are located at 235 Newtons Road, just 5 minutes from West Melton BP and 5 minutes from Templeton School. We provide safe, challenging and enjoyable Boot Camp classes.


Sessions include; HIIT, circuit, swissball, medicine ball, strength,  box-fit, endurance & heaps more. 


An even split of yoga and pilates exercises focusing on improving; flexibility, strength, and balance.  On hold!



This Programme involves one Physical session and two Online sessions per week.                      On hold!


Check our sessions, your first class is FREE!

Class Timetable!

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Term 2: 29 Apr - 5 July






Term 2: 29 Apr - 5 July









Read our satisfied clients comments about our Award winning Boot Camps!

"The boot camp sessions were both challenging and very rewarding.  In comparison to other Group fitness classes that I have attended previously,  I found WMPT sessions; very enjoyable and highly motivating. At the end of the 10 week boot camp; I lost 16.6 kg’s and dropped 14.1% of body/visceral fat and increased my muscle by 4.2%, I went from a huge size 20 to a tiny size 12. My 2.4 km run time decreased by over 5 mins and I increased my upperbody and core strength by over 200%."

Hana Ngatoro

"During my first Boot camp, I met a great group of people,  who were at all different fitness levels but challenging themselves to the best of their ability. I lost 15.1kg's, dropped body fat/visceral by 12.4% and increased muscle by 3.3%. My fitness also improved dramatically reducing my 2.4km run time from 13.07 to 10:15 and improving my press up score by over 100%. I cannot thank Karen enough for my success. The classes are challenging but a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or extremely fit, Karen finds exercises to challenge everyone’s level.  I learnt valuable information about nutrition. I enjoyed Karen’s firm manner of motivating you to exercise and challenge yourself to achieve a level, which I hadn’t seen before. Since finishing the boot camp I have continued with the group fitness sessions. I have now lost over 30 kg’s in just 5 months. It isn’t easy but if you are willing to put the work in and follow Karen’s advice, you will go a long way towards achieving your goals."

Leighton Hill

"I joined Boot Camp and was overweight due to eating and drinking far too much. ​I struggled through the first testing, running 2.4km in 13.30 minutes and just managing 10 press ups along with weighing in at 95kgs. I was dreading the fitness sessions, but was pleasantly surprised how Karen adapted each session to suit all levels of fitness, the sessions soon became fun, then addictive, during which the results certainly followed. ​After 6 weeks of exercise and sensible eating I had lost over 8kg. This was an incentive to carry on and do the following bootcamp with similar results. ​Within 4 months I had achieved my target weight of 78kg. ​A big thank you to Karen and I look forward to the next challenge with you."

Andrew Stratton

"Karens classes are so much fun and always different, so you never get bored. Karen is an amazing trainer, she explains exercise options depending on fitness levels so you never feel out of place, and she has a knack of saying the right thing to motivate you when you’re tired or struggling.  On top of the exercise I found the weekly team sessions very motivating and these really helped me identify and manage my bad eating habits (you can’t outrun your fork!).  Everyone is so encouraging and it’s a really friendly environment – even while sweating it out we still have a laugh.  Over the 12 weeks I lost 10.7kg, 5.7% of body fat, and gained 2.4% skeletal muscle.  I could run faster and improved heaps on the strength tests. I feel like a new women, while it was awesome to lose the 38cm’s around my body (I enjoy clothes shopping again), most of all I love feeling fitter, stronger and heaps more energetic! For those thinking about losing weight or getting fitter, just take that first step and join up, you won’t regret the commitment."

Sharyn Lindores

"As I had grown older I was becoming increasingly aware that my strength to participate in usual activities, like digging in the garden, walking up stairs, etc, was declining.     Being in the older age bracket I was initially a little reticent about how I would cope with the fitness sessions, but Karen was fantastic at managing the wide range of fitness levels and needs of the group members.  Not only could I fully participate, I actually enjoyed the sessions (and I’m not a sporty person!).   At the end of the programme my muscle, strength and cardio fitness had all improved significantly.   Karen was a great motivator, and throughout the programme provided a wealth of information about physical exercise and eating well, and also information about how our fitness was progressing and improving. Involvement in the fitness sessions has been one of the best things I’ve done this year. "

Heather McHarg

"I joined West Melton Physical training because I was feeling unfit and lazy and had some areas that needed toning. I've been working out for 6 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt fitter or healthier. Karen's easy going and has a very friendly personality and is more than willing to help you reach your goals. She makes each workout challenging, creative and fun! She also goes the extra mile to make sure everyone has the correct form with each exercise. After each training session I have incredible energy and have Karen to thank for that. If you are wanting to get fit and loose weight in a friendly environment I recommend you come and give it a go."

Edwin Meek


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