Boot Camp changed my Life!

Traci Inns Story

Then: Unhappy/Unhealthy         Now: Happy/Healthy


I woke up one day to the realization that I am now an inactive middle-aged woman entering her fifties. My eating habits were shot to pieces due to irregular work hours thus eating bad foods. In the last 4 years I have gained 20 kilos, I lacked energy, I didn’t sleep well and quite often I had to have micro naps to recharge.

Unhappy I had gained so much weight and keen to get more active, I decided that there must be something better than my current situation. I was not too old to find something that would work for me, surely?  

I had always played sports throughout my life so I was keen to get active again. I had been missing my beloved sport of netball, of which I had stopped playing due to constant calf injuries about 4 years ago. In hindsight the injury was the catalyst for the downward decline in my health and fitness.

I had been to gyms over the years but got bored quickly with their predictability. I was looking for someone or something to push my boundaries, gain results and be fun and enjoyable.

That’s when I saw an advertisement in the West Melton News (a local newsletter) about a 10-week Boot Camp. It immediately pricked my attention. I checked the website and decided that would be perfect………………Turns out I was right!

A great bunch of people of all walks of life, all various stages of fitness and various different goals. Everyone supported each other and it was a far more relaxed atmosphere than a gym.

Kaz who runs Boot Camp is an inspiration to all, motivating you when you need it and supporting you every step of the way. Her extensive knowledge and her life experience of falling into bad eating habits and lack of exercise, then changing them for the better was truly inspiring. It normalised a great fitness instructor to be human, like the rest of us.

The Boot Camp turned out to be more than I expected. Every session was different so I never got bored. I pushed my limits constantly but was always rewarded in so many ways. I ate well, slept better, I had more energy making me more productive, and not once in the 10 weeks did I need a micro nap.

After 10 weeks I have lost 14.4 kg, way more than I ever thought I could at my age, my fitness has improved so much. From Boot Camp I have now learnt the tools to being a healthier and happier person. The strength aspect of Boot Camp especially; has helped my previous niggling injuries, I am now even contemplating returning to play netball. 

I strongly recommend Boot camp to everyone and anyone who wants to get fit, get stronger, and learn better nutrition. It is hard work but fun, rewarding and gets results if you are committed. Something for everyone and great for all ages with different levels to suit your capabilities.

I will be continuing on with my Boot Camp journey and hopefully I will lose the last unwanted 6 kilos.

Thanks Kaz, for a programme that has helped me way beyond what I could ever imagine.

If you live in Canterbury why not TRY the New Physical & Online Boot Camp.  It is ideal if you want similar results to Traci, but have limited time.   For more information click here!


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