My Boot Camp a national award winner!

I’m so excited to announce that following the New Zealand Fitness Awards, held in Auckland on 24 November, my Boot Camp programme was the overall winner of the Programme Excellence category!

I’m so proud of the framed certificate, which now hangs in my Farm Boot Camp Shed near the small village of West Melton on the outskirts of Christchurch where my physical programmes are run. It is such a great feeling to know my physical and online programmes are now considered award-winning, and the best in New Zealand.

My husband, mum, and younger sister accompanied me to the black-tie event at the Grand Millennium, where there was a record number of entries for the awards.

The other finalists in the ‘Programme Excellence’ category were Nats Levi Challenge - Auckland, Running Hot Coaching – Hawkes Bay, and Gold Fit YMCA - Auckland.

I was surprised, happy and emotional when I was announced as the winner. I made my way to the grand stage in front of 350 people to accept the award, where four large screens displayed photographs of the finalists, and close ups of the winners receiving our awards.

As I accepted the award, I became tearful thinking about all my loyal clients, who so willingly answered questions from the judges, or filled out the client feedback surveys. My clients’ positive words and the overwhelming support from my family and friends all definitely contributed to my win.

My own health and fitness transformation was the catalyst for creating this award-winning programme. Hitting rock bottom, and then changing my life, is the solid foundation on which Boot Camp was built.

Six years ago, while raising four kids under the age of six years old, I had fallen into an unhealthy rut, which resulted in a 30kg weight gain. A good day for me meant I was strong enough to resist the urge to eat two packets of chocolate biscuits. An excellent day, was when I had enough energy to get off the couch and play with my kids.

Breaking free from those debilitating habits defines who I am as a Trainer today. If I hadn’t hit rock bottom, I would just be like any other hard-ass Boot Camp Trainer. My own experiences have given me a deep understanding of what it is like to be unhealthy, and it ignited a strong desire in me to help others positively change their lives.

Now, as I proudly look at my award certificate on the shed wall, I ask myself, what else is there left to achieve? My answer to that is, “This is just the beginning”. Winning this prestigious award is just another step on the ladder to achieving my lifetime purpose to inspire and encourage more people to live to their full physical potential.

If you’re ready to make some positive changes in your life, why not visit the Boot Camp with Kaz Store page, to get an insight into how my award winning programmes can help you?



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